The city of Miami is not only outstanding in the tourist area, this region of the country also shines in the area of ​​art and entertainment, becoming the mecca of modern and contemporary art every year with one of the most important art festivals in the world « Art Basel”.

Art Basel is an annual arts festival held in Miami, Florida. Every year, the event attracts tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world, making it one of the largest art festivals in the world. Works by more than 2,000 artists will be exhibited at this year’s edition, including some of the most famous names in the art world. In addition to the artworks on display, there will also be a series of events and workshops taking place throughout the week.

Few American cities can rival Miami when it comes to arts and culture. The Miami Museum of Art and the Miami Science Museum are two of the most esteemed museums in the country, and the city’s Center for the Performing Arts is world-renowned.

The performing Arts Center with a hall for the symphony and a house for the grand opera, is the core of the Arts and Entertainment District. This has transformed South Florida into the cultural capital of the Americas.

The expansion of the luxury trade and the transformations of the neighborhoods contribute to the increase in tourism. One of the transformed areas has been Midtown Miami, which has become a new entertainment alternative with restaurants, bars and shops.

Come and enjoy all that Miami has to offer you.